Corporate Mission

Corporate Mission

Our mission is to improve various aspects of your current living environment,
to help people to tap into their true potential, and to make the greatest contribution
we can to the revitalization of our society.

In accordance with this mission,
we make every effort to constantly take different viewpoints,
fuse them together, and provide the kind of systems and services the likes of
which the world has never before seen to people around the globe.

Creating myriad new business entities with all-new philosophies
and values without being tied down to any single genre or industry.

Make your time, your time

Our goal is to enhance both quality of life and lifestyle
through completely new and revolutionary systems,
and to maximize the inherent potential in as many people as possible.
Continuing to seek out and discover new values, for you.

Visual Identity
Visual Identity The image we have in mind is of dual polyhedrons
(an image of light, and a shape comprising multiple sides/facets)
employing the brand colors fused together,
expressing the creation of a single brand-new system.
Futa-ai / Reddish-blue
“Futa-ai” / Reddish-blue A shade of purple dye originally created by combining dyer’s knotweed and safflower.
A wide variety of hues can be seen in accordance with the level of concentration of the respective dye ingredients. This expresses the idea that there are myriad new systems and mechanisms that can be born from “mixtures”, allowing for endless possibilities.
Ai / Indigo
“Ai” / Indigo
Beni / Rouge
“Beni” / Rouge

two of the colors composing “futa-ai”. Encompasses a wide variety of shades and depths.