Business Development

We question quality of life and lifestyle.

Times of enjoyment, times of relaxation, times of concentration, times of boredom, times of melancholy...
All of these “times” intertwine to compose one “life”.

In one’s “on” time, in one’s “down” time, and among the many different “times”, what sort of “time” defines a life of quality?
Where are you? How are you? With whom are you? What are you doing? And most importantly, what are you feeling?

Among the many different kinds of values, philosophies, and conditions held and experienced,
times in life which one can spend in a positive mindset.
Above all – times when you can be you.

For you to be able to live the way you should.
And for you to be able to find the “you” that you may have yet to even imagine.

We will continue bringing forth new enterprises through ingenuitive viewpoints,
and to defining new philosophies and values.


Helping you to coordinate your home, your way.
With refined and cultivated tastes, create your very own original space.

Creating a sophisticated living space that reflects oneself means considering and coordinating one’s individual lifestyle, sense of values, and preferences in order to produce a truly personal feel.
When deciding to create this sort of space, the unfortunate reality is that one must sometimes make compromises in accordance with matters such as budget, rental clauses, etc.
In order to help deal with these realities and utilize the items you want (furniture, appliances) to create the living space you deserve, Kaguren provides solutions through our rental services.

Using our portal site as our main base of operations, we go beyond simply providing products in that we also handle cargo collection/delivery and warranties, as well as acting as an intermediary for the touch points of rental housing manufacturers and connect end users with both foreign and domestic product manufacturers, thus creating a business scheme focused on one-stop service and solutions.

Furniture rental business scheme


Contracts with over 70 foreign and domestic brands enable the creation of a rich living space via a wide variety of styles.

Affiliated product manufacturers

contact points
with users

Reaching approx. 400,000 potential properties through our preexisting contracts with rental housing manufacturers and services.

Risk Hedging

Development of furniture warranty and indemnity to avoid various risks. Perfection of our own original design through alliance with major furniture indemnity firms.

Warranties/Coverage options for customer-attributable matters
Warranties/Warranty content for customer-attributable matters
Warranties/Warranty content for non-customer-attributable matters & other
Warranties/Warranty content for non-customer-attributable matters & other

Growth Strategy

Define the future of “high-quality living”.

The era of hard work alone being extolled is over,
and the majority of people new feel the need for a proper work-life balance.
However, when considering the kind of high-quality living already achieved
in many Western countries, Japan is still very much a developing market.

High-quality living comprises a wide variety of factors.
We fuse these factors with all-new systems
to create and develop all-new, original services.
We pursue the kind of high-quality living
deeply rooted in Japanese culture and
bring it not only to the Japanese market,
but to the whole world.

Growth Strategy